Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wii Fit for the not so fit

In the spirit of annual birthday gift ideas, my wife has been raving over getting a Wii Fit for some time now and I happened to see a good lot of them and picked one up. Of course, I'm hell of a damn good guy, and gave it to her ~20 days prior to her real birthday, which, of course, she gladly appreciated since she's been on a bit of an exercising binge lately, preparing that beach body for our Florida trip at the end of May.

It's hysterical, ironic and humiliating what one learns from a gaming system like the Wii Fit. What did I learn, you say? This:

1) DO NOT do your initial BMI and weight assessment in front of your wife: Even though she knows it, it's not the numbers than she'll laugh it, it's the beer belly and junk trunk Wii Fit obtusely tosses as baggage onto your Mii character that is, well... sad, funny and true all at once, and IMHO, an unfair and rather overboard attempt to self-humiliate you into working out.

2) Nintendo is a sole supporter of outrageous body mass ratios: With my assessment, it was fair to say that Nintendo is secretly trying to build an Army of lean, Nazi-death-camp-esque looking individuals who can jog in place for hours at a time at will. Now, I'm not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but Wii Fit has some sick idea that even my skinniest days (which were being deployed in Iraq at a meager 142lbs) of showing ribs like a starving, beat dog, that somehow that doesn't fit their overall goal to have the world be at a 22 BMI.

3) Running in place, well... sucks: Contrary to Wii Fit's generous compliments on my running style, running 13 minutes in place to roundhouse the Mii workout island is anything short of ridiculous. HOLY SHIT. Your calfs will ache for days. Trust me.

That's all I can really speak of at this moment. However, in closing, in retrospect and closing on a more positive note, the Wii Fit is really a brilliant idea to get people motivated in working out, even if it is slightly less applied than a real work out, I can always contest that I'm a little sore every day.